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Company profile

In order to meet the needs of customers and to keep pace with market developments, the company Bazzoli Srl has recently expanded its product range by introducing the sale of articles for the packaging of the over sock.

Bazzoli Srl was born in 1927 and has a long family tradition , that has been handed down over the years. The company was founded by Mr.Giovan Battista Pelucchi and it’s still managed by his heirs, renewing and growing over time. It is situated in Rezzato, on the outskirts of Brescia, world-famous centre of socks production machinery, and manufacturers of socks for man and child.

For over 80 years the company Bazzoli Srl has focussed its professional expertise on a varied range of technical products and accessories for all kinds of machinery for socks production, which provided its customers with the guarantee of experience and an ever-increasing and reliable service.