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Accessories for the production of socks and knitting

Bazzoli Srl is a distributor of original spare parts of LONATI, MATEC, SANGIACOMO, SANTONI, TECNOPEA, COLOSIO machines and of the most important manufacturers of sock machines for man-woman-child. The company has also the exclusive representation for sale in Italy of flat-parts of the firm KERN-LIEBERS for the following machines: LONATI, MATEC, SANGIACOMO, SANTONI, COLOSIO socks-machines; ORIZIO, PILOTELLI, MAYER & CIE, TERROT, VIGNONI circular knitting machines; STOLL, SHIMA flatbed machines; KARL MAYER, LIBA, MALIMO, COMEZ, COMETA warp machines.

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Ricambi e accessori per calzifici
Needles and flat knitting parts
Sawblades and knives
Springs, seals, ejector hoods and pliers
Electrovalves, actuators and electromagnet
Hangers, hooks and tissue papers
Polypropylene and polyethylene bags, nylon pins and inserting devices
  Forms for showing
Winders, cleaning liquid, air humidification devices and yarn lubrification devices
Circular and flatbed knitting
Knitting elements
Power yarn supplies and accessories for textile
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